Is A Snake A Vertebrate Or Invertebrate?

A snake is a vertebrate, belonging to the class Reptilia. As a vertebrate, it has a backbone made up of individual vertebrae, which provides support and protection for its internal organs. Snakes are known for their elongated bodies and lack of limbs, making them unique among vertebrates. Their ability to slither and their diverse adaptations have enabled them to thrive in various habitats globally.

is a snake a vertebrate or invertebrate


1. Is a snake a vertebrate or invertebrate?

A snake is a vertebrate, meaning it has a backbone or a vertebral column. Snakes belong to the reptile class, which also includes lizards, turtles, and crocodiles. Their flexible spine allows them to move and slither in a unique manner.


In conclusion, the classification of snakes as vertebrates or invertebrates is clear – they are unequivocally classified as vertebrates. Snakes belong to the class Reptilia, which is a group of animals characterized by having a backbone or a vertebral column. Their bodies are composed of a series of bones, including the iconic elongated vertebral column, enabling them to move with an extraordinary flexibility. Snakes also possess a well-developed skull, internal organs, and a highly specialized nervous system, all of which are characteristic of vertebrates. Therefore, without a doubt, snakes are classified as vertebrates in the animal kingdom.

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