Can Snake Prank?

Looking to pull off a memorable and hilarious prank? Look no further than the snake prank! This classic prank never fails to surprise and entertain, making it perfect for pranking friends, family, or even coworkers.

The snake prank involves using a realistic-looking toy snake to startle unsuspecting victims. With its lifelike appearance and slithering movements, the snake prank is guaranteed to elicit screams and laughter.

Whether you’re planning a prank for April Fools’ Day or just want to add some excitement to your everyday life, the snake prank is sure to be a hit. So get ready to have a roaring good time with this unforgettable prank!

can snake prank

Scare Tactics: Best Snake Pranks to Terrify Your Friends

Are you looking for the ultimate prank to give your friends a good scare? Look no further than snake pranks! These pranks are guaranteed to send shivers down their spines and create unforgettable memories. In this section, we will explore some of the best snake pranks that will make your friends jump out of their skins.

1. The Rubber Snake Surprise

The classic rubber snake prank never fails to induce screams of terror. All you need is a realistic-looking rubber snake and a hiding spot. Place the snake in a location where your friend is likely to come across it, such as their bed or inside a drawer. As soon as they discover the snake, sit back and watch their reaction as fear takes over.

2. The Snake in a Box

This prank requires a bit of preparation but is guaranteed to deliver maximum fright. Get a harmless snake toy or a realistic-looking fake snake and place it inside a small box. Decorate the box to make it look appealing, like a present. Leave the box in a common area where your friend is likely to see it. When they open the box, the snake will spring out, creating a heart-stopping moment.

3. The Snake Charmer

This prank is perfect for those who love a good scare and have a bit of acting skills. Find a lifelike snake puppet or a remote-controlled snake toy. Hide the puppet in a bag or under a blanket in a dark room. When your friend enters the room, start making hissing sounds and move the puppet around to simulate a live snake. Watch as they panic and try to escape the “snake.”

4. The Slithering Surprise

For this prank, you’ll need a realistic-looking fake snake and a fishing line. Attach the fishing line to the snake and tie it to a doorknob or any other object that can be pulled. Make sure the snake is positioned in a way that it will appear to be slithering towards your friend when the door is opened. When they open the door, pull the fishing line, causing the snake to move and send them into a state of sheer terror.

5. The Snake Shower Scare

This prank is not for the faint-hearted. Get a realistic-looking rubber snake and attach it to the showerhead in your friend’s bathroom. Make sure the snake is well-hidden behind the shower curtain. When your friend turns on the shower, they will be greeted by an unexpected slithering surprise. Be prepared for some serious screams!

In summary, snake pranks are a surefire way to give your friends a good scare. Whether it’s a rubber snake surprise or a slithering surprise, these pranks are guaranteed to create unforgettable memories. Just remember to consider your friend’s phobias and ensure that they will find the prank amusing rather than traumatizing. Happy pranking!

Snake Prank Gone Wrong: Funny Mishaps and Fails

Pranks have been a popular form of entertainment for as long as we can remember. Whether it’s April Fool’s Day or just a random day of the year, people love to play tricks on each other to induce laughter and create memorable moments. One of the most commonly used pranks is the snake prank, where a fake snake is used to scare or startle unsuspecting victims. However, not all snake pranks go according to plan, and sometimes they result in hilarious mishaps and fails.

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When it comes to snake pranks, there are plenty of videos on the internet that capture the hilarious reactions of people who fell victim to this prank. From screaming and running away in fear to falling over in shock, these funny mishaps never fail to entertain. Let’s dive into some of the most memorable snake pranks gone wrong and the comical outcomes that ensued.

The Classic Snake in a Can Prank

One of the oldest and most well-known snake pranks is the snake in a can trick. This prank involves a fake snake hidden inside a can, which pops out when the unsuspecting person opens it. While it may seem harmless, the reactions it elicits can be priceless.

Imagine a group of friends sitting around, casually enjoying a day out when suddenly, someone offers a drink. As the unsuspecting victim reaches for the can, the snake springs out, causing them to jump back in horror. The initial shock is quickly followed by laughter from both the prankster and the victim, as they realize it was all a joke.

The Terrifying Snake Attack

Another popular snake prank involves a realistic-looking fake snake being thrown at someone. The prankster throws the snake, usually made of rubber, at an unsuspecting victim who thinks it’s a real snake flying towards them.

The reactions to this prank can range from hilarious to downright comical. Some people may freeze in fear, while others might try to dodge the snake, only to realize it’s not real. The relief that follows usually leads to uncontrollable laughter, creating a memorable and funny moment for everyone involved.

Snake Pranks in the Wild

Snake pranks are not limited to just indoor settings. Many pranksters take the opportunity to scare their friends or family members in the great outdoors, often during camping trips or hikes. The element of surprise combined with the natural surroundings amplifies the reactions and makes for even funnier mishaps.

Picture a group of friends enjoying a peaceful hike through the woods, when suddenly, someone spots a snake on the ground. Panic ensues as everyone tries to distance themselves from the snake, only to find out it was a fake one all along. The relief and laughter that follow create a memorable experience and a great story to share.

When Snake Pranks Go Too Far

While most snake pranks result in fits of laughter, there are instances where they can go too far and cause genuine distress. It is essential to consider the comfort and well-being of the individuals involved before attempting such pranks.

Some people may have a genuine fear of snakes, known as ophidiophobia, and subjecting them to a snake prank can trigger severe anxiety or panic attacks. It’s crucial to know the boundaries and take into account the emotional well-being of others.


Snake pranks gone wrong can be extremely funny and entertaining, providing laughter and creating memorable moments. From the classic snake in a can prank to terrifying snake attacks and outdoor pranks, the reactions and mishaps never fail to amuse. However, it’s important to remember to respect the boundaries and emotional well-being of others when planning and executing pranks.

Creative Snake Pranks: Unconventional Ways to Prank Someone with Snakes

Pranks can be a fun way to lighten the mood and bring laughter to any gathering or occasion. While there are traditional pranks that everyone is familiar with, why not take it up a notch by incorporating snakes into your pranks? Snakes can add an element of surprise and shock to your pranks, making them truly memorable.

Here are some creative snake pranks that will surely leave your friends and family members startled:

1. The Rubber Snake in the Fridge

One classic prank that never fails to elicit a reaction is placing a realistic-looking rubber snake in the refrigerator. Simply coil up the snake and position it strategically among the food items. When someone opens the fridge to grab a snack, they will be met with a frightening surprise. Ensure that there are no real snakes present, as it could lead to genuine fear or harm.

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2. The Surprise Snake in the Gift Box

For birthdays or special occasions, wrap a small gift box with colorful wrapping paper. However, instead of placing a present inside, insert a toy snake that jumps out when the recipient opens the box. This prank is guaranteed to startle and amuse the person receiving the gift, creating a funny and unforgettable moment.

3. The Snake in the Toilet Bowl

Imagine the shock on someone’s face when they lift the toilet lid and come face to face with a rubber snake floating in the bowl. This prank works best if the snake appears lifelike and is positioned in a way that it is immediately noticeable. Just make sure the person pranked has a good sense of humor and won’t get too frightened!

4. The Snake Charmer Phone Call

This prank is perfect for fooling friends or family members who are afraid of snakes. Use a voice modulation app or hidden speaker system to call them pretending to be a professional snake charmer. Play snake-like sounds in the background while describing a situation where a snake has escaped and is loose in their vicinity. Watch as they panic and frantically search for the imaginary snake!

5. The Snake in the Sleeping Bag

If you’re planning a camping trip or a sleepover, this prank is sure to create a memorable experience. When your friend or family member is not looking, sneak a small toy snake into their sleeping bag. When they crawl inside for a good night’s sleep, they’ll be in for a slithering surprise!

6. The Snake in the Pringles Can

For a snack-time prank, carefully remove the bottom of an empty Pringles can and place a realistic-looking snake inside. Cover it with a few Pringles chips to conceal the surprise. When someone reaches into the can to grab a chip, they’ll be met with a frightful surprise.

7. The Snake Slithering Across the Path

For outdoor pranks, consider using a remote-controlled toy snake. Hide and operate the snake from a distance, making it slither across a walking path or crawl up a tree. This prank works especially well during nighttime gatherings or nature outings, where the element of surprise is heightened.

In summary, incorporating snakes into your pranks can take them to a whole new level. From surprising someone in the fridge to startling them with a toy snake in a gift box, these unconventional snake pranks are sure to bring laughter and amusement to any occasion. Just remember to prioritize safety and ensure that the pranks are played on individuals who have a good sense of humor.

5. Celebrity Snake Pranks: Memorable Pranks on Famous Personalities

Pranks have always been a popular form of entertainment, and when they involve famous personalities, they become even more memorable. Celebrity snake pranks have gained significant attention over the years, as they combine the element of surprise with the amusing reactions of well-known individuals. In this section, we will explore some of the most unforgettable celebrity snake pranks that have played out in the public eye.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Taylor Swift’s Surprise

One of the most iconic snake pranks took place on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where Taylor Swift fell victim to a well-executed surprise. During an interview, Ellen asked Taylor about her fear of snakes, only to suddenly release a realistic-looking snake from a nearby prop. Taylor’s reaction was pure shock and terror, creating a hilarious moment that quickly went viral. The prank showcased Ellen’s knack for comedic timing and the ability to catch her celebrity guests off guard.

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Jackass: Justin Bieber’s Bathroom Encounter

The infamous prank-centric TV show, Jackass, is no stranger to pushing boundaries and testing celebrities’ reactions. In one episode, the Jackass crew pulled off a snake prank on none other than Justin Bieber. While using a restroom, Bieber opened the door to find a snake slithering on the floor. The prank caused Bieber to jump back in fear, highlighting the universal instinctual response to a surprise encounter with a snake.

The Late Late Show with James Corden: Samuel L. Jackson’s Serpent Surprise

On The Late Late Show with James Corden, Samuel L. Jackson became the target of a snake prank that left the audience in stitches. During an interview, a seemingly innocent conversation about snakes quickly turned into a shockingly close encounter. As Jackson was sharing his thoughts on various snake species, a snake handler brought out a live snake, causing Jackson to scream and jump out of his seat. The unexpected twist added a hilarious element to the interview and showcased Jackson’s ability to bring humor to any situation.

Punk’d: Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell’s Scaly Surprise

Punk’d, the popular prank show hosted by Ashton Kutcher, delivered a memorable snake prank on Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell. In this elaborate prank, the couple arrived at a cabin only to be greeted by a gigantic python wrapped around a tree. Their initial reactions ranged from shock to fear, creating an entertaining spectacle for viewers. The prank highlighted the power of surprise and the genuine fear that can arise from encounters with snakes.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Kevin Hart’s Reptilian Ruse

Comedian Kevin Hart fell victim to a snake prank during one of his appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In this prank, Fallon convinced Hart to face his fear of snakes by asking him to stick his hand inside a box. As Hart hesitantly complied, a live snake was revealed, causing him to scream and pull his hand back in an amusingly dramatic fashion. The prank not only showcased Hart’s comedic reactions but also highlighted the universal aversion many people have towards snakes.

In summary, celebrity snake pranks have become a popular form of entertainment, generating both laughter and shock among viewers. These pranks demonstrate the element of surprise and how famous individuals react when confronted with the unexpected presence of a snake. From talk shows to prank-centric TV shows, these memorable moments continue to entertain audiences and remind us of the universal fear and fascination surrounding snakes.


Can you suggest a snake prank?

To play a snake prank, you can use a fake rubber snake and place it in unexpected locations, such as in someone’s bed or on their desk. When they discover it, it will give them a harmless scare. Just make sure the person you are pranking is okay with this type of prank and won’t be genuinely terrified.


In conclusion, the snake prank is a highly popular and entertaining prank that never fails to evoke strong reactions. Its ability to surprise and startle unsuspecting victims makes it a classic choice for pranksters. Whether it’s a toy snake or a real one, the snake prank has the power to create moments of laughter, fear, and excitement. It is essential, however, to ensure that the prank is executed responsibly and with the consent of all involved parties. Remember to prioritize safety, respect personal boundaries, and always consider the potential impact on others. So go ahead and have fun with the snake prank, but do it responsibly!