Who Makes Dumor Horse Feed?

Dumor horse feed is a trusted brand in the equestrian world, offering high-quality nutrition for horses of all ages and activity levels. With a commitment to excellence, Dumor is produced by a team of dedicated experts who understand the unique dietary needs of horses.

Created by a renowned animal nutrition company, Dumor horse feed is formulated using the latest scientific research and premium ingredients to provide optimal health and performance for your beloved equine companion.

Whether you have a pleasure horse, a show jumper, or a racehorse, Dumor offers a wide range of feed options tailored to meet the specific requirements of different horse breeds and disciplines.

Choose Dumor horse feed and give your horse the nourishment it deserves, backed by the expertise of a trusted brand that has been feeding horses for years with proven results.

who makes dumor horse feed

Choosing the Right Dumor Horse Feed for Your Horse’s Age and Activity Level

Proper nutrition is essential for the health and well-being of your horse. One of the key factors in providing the right nutrition is choosing the right horse feed. Dumor offers a wide range of horse feeds that are formulated to meet the specific needs of horses at different ages and activity levels.

1. Dumor Horse Feed for Young Horses:

If you have a young horse, it is important to choose a horse feed that is specifically formulated to support their growth and development. Dumor offers foal feeds that are rich in essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals. These feeds provide the necessary building blocks for healthy bones, strong muscles, and optimal growth.

2. Dumor Horse Feed for Adult Horses:

For adult horses, Dumor offers a variety of feeds that cater to different activity levels. Whether your horse is a pleasure horse or a performance horse, Dumor has a feed that will meet their nutritional needs. These feeds are balanced with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to support their energy requirements and maintain their overall health.

3. Dumor Horse Feed for Senior Horses:

As horses age, their nutritional needs change. Senior horses may require additional support to maintain their weight, joint health, and overall vitality. Dumor offers senior horse feeds that are formulated with specialized ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health, along with easy-to-digest ingredients to aid in nutrient absorption.

4. Dumor Horse Feed for Performance Horses:

If you have a performance horse that is engaged in activities such as racing, jumping, or dressage, Dumor offers performance horse feeds that are designed to provide the extra energy and nutrients they need to perform at their best. These feeds are formulated with higher levels of calories, proteins, and fats to support intense exercise and aid in muscle recovery.

5. Dumor Horse Feed for Easy Keepers:

Some horses are naturally easy keepers, meaning they maintain their weight easily and do not require a high-calorie diet. Dumor offers feeds for easy keepers that are lower in calories and have controlled levels of carbohydrates. These feeds help prevent weight gain and provide essential nutrients without excess calories.

6. Dumor Horse Feed for Allergy-Prone Horses:

If your horse has allergies or dietary sensitivities, Dumor offers specialized feeds that are free from common allergens such as soy and wheat. These feeds are formulated with alternative protein and carbohydrate sources to meet the nutritional needs of horses with specific dietary restrictions.

In summary, choosing the right Dumor horse feed for your horse’s age and activity level is crucial to ensure they receive the proper nutrition they need to thrive. Whether you have a young horse, adult horse, senior horse, performance horse, easy keeper, or allergy-prone horse, Dumor has a feed that will meet their unique nutritional requirements. Consult with your veterinarian or an equine nutritionist to determine the best Dumor horse feed for your horse.

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Benefits of Feeding Dumor Horse Feed: Promoting Digestive Health and Muscle Development

Feeding your horse the right feed is essential for its overall health and well-being. One popular option among horse owners is Dumor Horse Feed, which not only provides the necessary nutrition but also offers several benefits for your horse’s digestive health and muscle development.

Promotes Digestive Health

One of the key benefits of feeding Dumor Horse Feed is its ability to promote digestive health in horses. The feed is formulated with high-quality ingredients that are easily digestible, ensuring that your horse gets the nutrients it needs without putting stress on its digestive system.

With a balanced blend of fiber, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals, Dumor Horse Feed helps maintain a healthy gut flora, which is crucial for efficient digestion. It provides the necessary fuel for the beneficial bacteria in the horse’s gut, promoting optimal digestion and nutrient absorption.

Feeding Dumor Horse Feed can also help prevent digestive issues such as colic and gastric ulcers. The feed’s carefully selected ingredients and fiber content support proper gut motility, reducing the risk of impactions and other digestive disturbances.

Aids in Muscle Development

In addition to promoting digestive health, Dumor Horse Feed is also beneficial for muscle development in horses. The feed contains high-quality proteins that are essential for building and repairing muscle tissue.

Proteins are the building blocks of muscles, and providing your horse with an adequate amount is crucial, especially for horses involved in strenuous activities such as racing or jumping. Dumor Horse Feed offers a balanced amino acid profile that supports muscle growth, strength, and recovery.

Furthermore, Dumor Horse Feed contains essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E, selenium, and magnesium, which are vital for proper muscle function. These nutrients help reduce the risk of muscle fatigue, cramping, and injuries, allowing your horse to perform at its best.

Convenient and Customizable

In addition to its numerous benefits for digestive health and muscle development, Dumor Horse Feed is also convenient and customizable to meet your horse’s specific needs. The feed is available in various formulations, including pellets, textured feeds, and complete feeds, allowing you to choose the option that works best for your horse.

Furthermore, Dumor Horse Feed offers different formulas tailored for specific life stages and activity levels. Whether you have a growing foal, a performance horse, or a senior horse, there is a Dumor Horse Feed option designed to provide the right balance of nutrients.

Overall, feeding Dumor Horse Feed is a smart choice for horse owners looking to promote digestive health and muscle development. With its high-quality ingredients, balanced nutrition, and customizable options, Dumor Horse Feed ensures that your horse receives the necessary nutrients for optimal health and performance.

Understanding the Quality Control Measures in Dumor Horse Feed Production

Dumor is a well-known brand in the horse feed industry, offering a wide range of high-quality feeds for horses of all ages and disciplines. One of the key factors that sets Dumor apart from its competitors is its stringent quality control measures in the production process. In this section, we will delve into the various quality control measures employed by Dumor to ensure that their horse feeds meet the highest standards.

1. Ingredient Selection

The first step in maintaining quality control in horse feed production is selecting the finest ingredients. Dumor carefully sources and selects premium quality ingredients from trusted suppliers. These ingredients undergo thorough testing and analysis to ensure their nutritional value and safety for equine consumption. Dumor follows strict guidelines and avoids the use of any harmful additives or fillers, prioritizing the health and well-being of horses.

2. Testing and Analysis

Once the ingredients are procured, Dumor conducts rigorous testing and analysis to verify their quality and nutritional composition. This includes testing for any contaminants, such as heavy metals or toxins, that could potentially harm horses. Dumor also analyzes the nutritional content of each ingredient to ensure that the horse feed provides a balanced diet for the specific needs of horses.

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The testing and analysis process is performed at independent laboratories, ensuring unbiased results. Dumor follows industry standards and complies with regulations set by relevant authorities to guarantee the safety and quality of their horse feeds.

3. Manufacturing Process

Dumor’s manufacturing process is another critical aspect of their quality control measures. The company utilizes state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to produce horse feeds with precision and consistency. Stringent hygiene standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process to prevent any contamination.

All employees involved in the production undergo proper training and follow strict protocols. Dumor adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure that their horse feeds are safe, wholesome, and free from any potential hazards.

4. Batch Testing

Every batch of Dumor horse feed undergoes meticulous testing to ensure its quality and consistency. Samples from each batch are collected and analyzed to verify that they meet the specified nutritional composition and safety standards. This batch testing process allows Dumor to identify any potential issues and take corrective measures before the feed reaches the market.

5. Quality Assurance Team

Dumor has a dedicated quality assurance team responsible for monitoring and verifying the quality control measures at every stage of the production process. These experts conduct regular inspections, audits, and quality checks to ensure that Dumor’s horse feeds comply with their high standards.

Any deviations or concerns identified during the quality assurance process are promptly addressed to maintain the integrity of the horse feed and meet customer expectations.

6. Customer Feedback

Dumor values customer feedback and considers it an essential part of their quality control process. They encourage customers to provide feedback on their horse feeds, including any concerns or suggestions. This feedback is invaluable in identifying areas for improvement and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Dumor takes every customer comment seriously and uses the feedback to continuously enhance their horse feed formulas and production methods.


With a strong commitment to quality and horse well-being, Dumor implements comprehensive quality control measures throughout their horse feed production. From ingredient selection to testing, manufacturing, batch testing, and customer feedback, Dumor leaves no stone unturned in ensuring the safety, nutritional value, and consistency of their horse feeds. These quality control measures have made Dumor a trusted brand among horse owners and professionals in the equine industry.

Comparing Dumor Horse Feed Varieties: Decoding the Range of Formulas Available

When it comes to horse nutrition, choosing the right feed is essential for maintaining their health and overall well-being. Dumor, a renowned brand in the equine industry, offers a wide range of horse feed varieties designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of horses at different stages of life and activity levels.

Understanding the range of formulas available from Dumor can help horse owners make an informed decision when selecting the ideal feed for their equine companions. Let’s explore the different Dumor horse feed varieties and their key features:

Dumor Maintenance Horse Feed

The Dumor Maintenance Horse Feed is specifically formulated for adult horses with low to moderate activity levels. This feed provides a balanced combination of essential nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, to support overall health and vitality. It is an excellent choice for horses that are not engaged in intense physical activities such as racing or competitive jumping.

Key features of Dumor Maintenance Horse Feed:

  • Contains optimal levels of fiber for digestive health
  • Includes a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals
  • Provides a consistent source of energy

Dumor Performance Horse Feed

For horses involved in moderate to intense physical activities, Dumor offers Performance Horse Feed. This high-energy formula is specially designed to support the increased energy requirements of active horses. It provides the necessary nutrients to promote muscle development, stamina, and overall performance.

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Key features of Dumor Performance Horse Feed:

  • Contains higher levels of protein and fat for increased energy
  • Includes essential amino acids for muscle development
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals for overall health

Dumor Senior Horse Feed

As horses age, their nutritional needs change. Dumor Senior Horse Feed is formulated to meet the specific requirements of older horses. This feed helps maintain a healthy weight, supports joint health, and ensures optimal digestion for senior horses.

Key features of Dumor Senior Horse Feed:

  • Contains easily digestible fiber for improved digestion
  • Includes antioxidants to support immune function
  • Enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health

Dumor Mare and Foal Horse Feed

For mares during pregnancy and lactation, as well as young foals, Dumor offers the Mare and Foal Horse Feed. This specialized formula provides essential nutrients for proper growth and development, ensuring the health of both the mare and the foal.

Key features of Dumor Mare and Foal Horse Feed:

  • Contains a balanced ratio of nutrients for optimal growth
  • Includes added vitamins and minerals for overall health
  • Supports proper milk production in lactating mares

Dumor Easy Keeper Horse Feed

Some horses have a tendency to gain weight easily, requiring a specialized feed to manage their weight effectively. Dumor Easy Keeper Horse Feed is formulated to provide essential nutrients while maintaining a healthy weight for easy keeping horses.

Key features of Dumor Easy Keeper Horse Feed:

  • Low-calorie formula to support weight management
  • Contains high-quality fiber for optimal digestion
  • Includes vitamins and minerals for overall health

In summary

Choosing the right Dumor horse feed variety is crucial for meeting the specific nutritional requirements of your horse. Whether you have an adult horse with low activity or a high-performance athlete, Dumor offers a range of formulas to cater to their needs. Consider factors such as age, activity level, and any specific health concerns when selecting the most suitable feed. Always consult with your veterinarian for personalized advice and recommendations.


1. Who makes Dumor horse feed?

Dumor horse feed is owned and manufactured by Tractor Supply Company. They produce a range of horse feed products that cater to different nutritional needs and preferences of horses.

2. What are the main ingredients in Dumor horse feed?

The main ingredients in Dumor horse feed vary depending on the specific product, but they typically include a combination of grains (such as corn, oats, and barley), forage (such as alfalfa or grass), and essential vitamins and minerals.

3. Where can I purchase Dumor horse feed?

Dumor horse feed can be purchased at Tractor Supply Company stores, as well as through their website. Additionally, some other retailers may also carry Dumor horse feed. It is always recommended to check with local feed stores or online retailers for availability in your area.


In conclusion, Dumor horse feed is a popular choice among horse owners and enthusiasts. Its high-quality ingredients and balanced nutrition make it a reliable option for maintaining the health and well-being of horses. Whether you have a performance horse, a pleasure horse, or a senior horse, Dumor offers a range of products to meet their specific dietary needs. With a trusted reputation and positive feedback from customers, Dumor horse feed is a brand you can rely on. So, give your horses the nutrition they deserve by choosing Dumor as their trusted feed provider.

Choose Dumor horse feed for a happy and healthy horse!