What Do Horses Eat In Conan Exiles?

In Conan Exiles, horses can be tamed and used as mounts, providing players with increased mobility and combat advantage. But what do these magnificent creatures eat in the game? Horses in Conan Exiles primarily consume Plant Fiber, which can be gathered from various plants and vegetation. Additionally, they can also be fed with various types of fodder, such as Berries, Seeds, and Gruel, to ensure their health and stamina is maintained. It is important to properly feed and care for your horse to keep it strong and ready for any adventure that awaits in the Hyborian Age.

what do horses eat in conan exiles

Feeding Guide for Healthy Horses in Conan Exiles

In Conan Exiles, horses play a vital role in transportation and combat. To ensure that your horses remain healthy and perform at their best, it is important to provide them with a proper diet. This feeding guide will outline the essential food items and their benefits for keeping your horses in top shape.


Hay is a staple food for horses in Conan Exiles and provides them with essential nutrients. Feeding hay to your horses ensures that they receive a balanced diet and maintain good overall health. It is recommended to have a steady supply of hay in your stable at all times.


Oats are a great source of energy for horses and are particularly beneficial for those engaged in combat or heavy work. Feeding oats to your horses will help them maintain their stamina and perform better during battles or long journeys. It is important to note that oats should be fed in moderation and not as a sole diet for horses.

Apples and Carrots

Apples and carrots are excellent treats for horses in Conan Exiles. They not only provide a refreshing snack but also offer additional vitamins and minerals. Feeding these fruits to your horses can boost their morale and increase their loyalty towards you. It is advisable to feed apples and carrots in limited quantities as excessive consumption may cause digestive issues.

Purified Water

Hydration is crucial for the health and well-being of your horses. Make sure to provide them with purified water at all times. Horses can become dehydrated during long rides or battles, so it is important to keep their water troughs filled regularly. Clean and fresh water will help your horses stay hydrated and maintain their performance.


Fish is a lesser-known but highly nutritious food option for horses in Conan Exiles. Feeding fish to your horses can provide them with omega-3 fatty acids and other essential nutrients. It can also help improve their coat condition and promote overall health. However, fish should be given sparingly and not as a primary food source.


Keeping your horses well-fed is essential for their health and performance in Conan Exiles. A combination of hay, oats, apples, carrots, purified water, and occasional fish can provide a balanced diet for your horses. Remember to feed them in moderation and ensure they always have access to clean water. By following this feeding guide, you can ensure that your horses remain healthy, strong, and ready for any adventure that awaits in the world of Conan Exiles.

The Best Food Options for Horses in Conan Exiles

In Conan Exiles, horses are valuable companions that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. These majestic creatures require proper nourishment to stay healthy and perform their best. In this section, we will explore the best food options for horses in Conan Exiles, ensuring that your trusty steed is well-fed and ready for any adventure.

1. Hay

Hay is a staple food for horses in Conan Exiles. It provides a good balance of nutrition and is readily available. You can easily obtain hay by harvesting grass or wheat fields using a sickle. Once harvested, you can store hay in a feeding trough for easy access. Feeding your horse hay will keep it satisfied and prevent hunger from affecting its performance.

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2. Oats

Oats are another excellent food option for horses. They are highly nutritious and can boost your horse’s stamina and overall health. Oats can be obtained by processing raw barley or wheat in a grinder. Once you have oats, you can feed them to your horse using a feeding trough. Regular oat consumption will help your horse stay in top shape during combat or long journeys.

3. Apples and Carrots

Horses in Conan Exiles also enjoy the occasional treat of apples and carrots. These fruits provide vitamins and natural sugars that can improve your horse’s mood and energy levels. You can find apples and carrots by looting NPCs or harvesting them from plants. Feeding your horse these treats can be a great way to bond with it and show your appreciation.

4. Feed Trough Placement

It is important to strategically place feeding troughs for your horses in Conan Exiles. Ensure that the trough is easily accessible for your horse, as they will need to access it to eat. Placing the trough near your horse’s stable or resting area is a good idea. Additionally, make sure the trough is protected from enemy attacks or theft, as other players may attempt to steal your horse’s food.

5. Feeding Schedule

Establishing a feeding schedule for your horse can be beneficial in maintaining its health and performance. Make it a habit to check the feeding trough regularly and refill it when it gets empty. Horses may consume food at different rates, so keep an eye on their hunger levels and adjust the amount of food accordingly. Feeding your horse on a consistent schedule will ensure that it stays well-nourished and ready for action.

6. Water

Lastly, don’t forget to provide fresh water for your horse. Just like humans, horses need to stay hydrated to function optimally. Place a water trough near your horse’s feeding area, ensuring that it is easily accessible. Regularly check and refill the water trough to make sure your horse has an ample supply of clean water.

In summary, taking care of your horse’s nutritional needs is crucial in Conan Exiles. Hay, oats, apples, carrots, and water are the best food options for keeping your horse healthy and happy. Place feeding troughs strategically and establish a feeding schedule to ensure your horse is always well-fed. By following these guidelines, your trusty steed will be ready to take on any adventure that comes your way.

Understanding the Dietary Needs of Horses in Conan Exiles

In Conan Exiles, horses are valuable companions that can be used for transportation, combat, and resource gathering. Like any other living creature, horses have specific dietary needs that must be met in order to keep them healthy and strong. It is important for players to understand these dietary requirements to ensure the well-being of their equine companions.

1. Types of Feed

There are several types of feed that players can provide to their horses in Conan Exiles. These include:

  • Plant Fiber: Plant fiber is the most basic type of feed and can be easily obtained by collecting plants. While it is not the most nutritious option, it can still provide sustenance to horses.
  • Seeds: Seeds, such as those from various plants and vegetables, can be fed to horses to provide a more balanced diet. Different seeds have different nutritional values, so it’s important to experiment and find the most beneficial ones.
  • Gruel: Gruel is a more advanced type of feed that requires additional resources to create. It provides a significant amount of nourishment and is highly recommended for horses.

2. Feeding Horses

Feeding horses in Conan Exiles is a simple process. To feed a horse, follow these steps:

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  1. Approach the horse and interact with it.
  2. Select the “Feed” option from the radial menu.
  3. Choose the desired feed from the available options.
  4. Confirm the selection to initiate the feeding process.

It is important to note that horses have a limited food capacity, so players should monitor their horse’s hunger level and feed them accordingly. Failure to do so may result in the horse becoming weak and less effective in various activities.

3. Supplementing with Treats

In addition to regular feed, players can also supplement their horse’s diet with treats. Treats are not essential for a horse’s survival but can provide certain benefits. These benefits can include increased stamina regeneration, improved speed, or enhanced resistance to specific environmental conditions.

Treats can be crafted using various ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, and animal products. Experimentation is key to discovering the most effective treats for individual horses.

4. Importance of Hydration

While feed is important, hydration is equally crucial for the well-being of horses in Conan Exiles. Players should ensure that their horses have access to clean water sources, such as rivers or water troughs. Horses that are dehydrated may suffer from reduced stamina and overall performance. Regularly check the water level of the horse’s trough and refill it as needed.

5. The Benefits of a Balanced Diet

Providing a balanced diet to horses in Conan Exiles has numerous benefits. A well-fed horse will have increased stamina, improved speed, and enhanced overall performance. Additionally, a well-nourished horse is less likely to get sick or weakened during combat encounters. It is essential for players to prioritize their horse’s nutritional needs to maximize its potential in the game.

In summary, understanding the dietary needs of horses in Conan Exiles is crucial for the well-being and performance of these valuable companions. By providing the appropriate feed, supplementing with treats, ensuring hydration, and maintaining a balanced diet, players can ensure their horses are strong, healthy, and ready for any adventure that awaits them in the game.

Tips for Feeding and Caring for Horses in Conan Exiles

In the expansive and brutal world of Conan Exiles, horses serve as loyal companions and valuable assets for traversing the vast landscapes. These majestic creatures require proper care and feeding to ensure their well-being and optimal performance. In this section, we will provide you with essential tips for feeding and caring for horses in Conan Exiles.

1. Providing Adequate Shelter

Just like any other living being, horses in Conan Exiles require shelter to protect them from harsh weather conditions. It is crucial to construct a sturdy stable or shelter to provide them with a safe and comfortable space. This will shield them from the scorching heat of the desert or the biting cold of the frozen landscapes.

2. Regular Feeding

Horses in Conan Exiles need a steady supply of food to maintain their health and stamina. It is recommended to feed them regularly with a variety of nourishing foods. You can gather plant-based foods such as grass, hay, and vegetables to supplement their diet. Additionally, you can utilize captured wildlife, such as deer or rabbits, as a source of meat for your horses.

3. Watering Your Horses

Hydration is essential for the well-being of your horses. Ensure that you provide them with a constant supply of fresh water. Place a water trough or a water source within their reach so that they can easily access it and stay hydrated. Remember to replenish the water supply regularly.

4. Training and Exercise

Proper training and exercise are vital for horses in Conan Exiles to maintain their physical fitness and agility. Take your horses for regular rides to improve their stamina and bond with them. Engage in combat or exploration activities alongside your horse as it helps them become more resilient and responsive to your commands.

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5. Grooming and Care

Regular grooming is crucial for the well-being and appearance of your horse. Use a grooming brush to remove dirt, mud, and debris from their coat. This not only keeps them clean but also helps prevent skin irritations. Additionally, check their hooves regularly for any signs of damage or infection and trim them if necessary.

6. Healing and Rehabilitation

If your horse sustains injuries during intense battles or encounters, it is essential to provide them with proper healing and rehabilitation. Use healing wraps or potions to tend to their wounds and help them recover. Give them sufficient rest and care to ensure a speedy recovery.

7. Managing Stress and Fatigue

Horses, like any other living creature, can experience stress and fatigue. Ensure that you do not overwork or exhaust your horses. Allow them ample rest and provide them with a calm and soothing environment to reduce their stress levels. This will help maintain their overall well-being and performance.

8. Breeding and Genetics

If you wish to expand your herd or enhance the traits of your horses, consider breeding them. Breeding allows you to pass on desirable traits to the offspring, such as increased speed or strength. Experiment with different combinations of horses to create a lineage of superior equine companions.

9. Equipping Your Horses

Equip your horses with appropriate gear and accessories to enhance their capabilities. Saddle them with sturdy saddles and equip them with armor to provide added protection during battles. Additionally, consider attaching bags or containers to their saddles to increase their carrying capacity, allowing you to transport more items.

10. Establishing a Bond

Lastly, take the time to establish a strong bond with your horses. Interact with them regularly, feed them by hand, and provide them with affection and attention. This bond will foster trust and loyalty, making your horses more responsive and loyal companions in your adventures.

By following these essential tips for feeding and caring for horses in Conan Exiles, you can ensure the well-being and optimal performance of your equine companions. With their assistance, you will conquer the treacherous lands of Conan Exiles and emerge victorious in your quests.


What do horses eat in Conan Exiles?

In Conan Exiles, horses can be fed with various types of food to keep them healthy and usable. They can eat plant fiber, hay, and various types of fodder such as oats, barley, and corn. Feeding them these foods will help maintain their stamina and strength.


In conclusion, horses in Conan Exiles have specific dietary needs that must be met for their optimal health and performance. The primary food source for horses in the game is hay, which can be obtained by harvesting grass or purchasing it from vendors. It is important to regularly provide hay for your horse to ensure they are well-nourished. Additionally, horses can also consume certain types of fruits and vegetables found in the game world. Remember to vary their diet to keep them happy and healthy.

In summary, feeding your horse a balanced diet of hay, fruits, and vegetables will contribute to their overall well-being and help them thrive in the harsh world of Conan Exiles. So, make sure to keep their food supply stocked and enjoy the adventures with your trusty steed!